The 8 Best Springtime Activities in Austin

Our favorite Austin recommendations for visitors and for those lucky enough to call Austin home. Bonus Austin points if you wear your Texas Forever Tee while you’re out and about.

1. Rock out.

And by that we mean get out there on some rocks. The Barton Creek Greenbelt has some excellent rock climbing routes, and the city is surrounded by great hiking.

2. Eat outside!

Pack a picnic and head to Zilker Park. Or park yourself on the patio at Shady Grove. Food’s just tastier out in the open.

3. Catch a movie.

Visit Vulcan Video! Doing anything else would be illogical.

4. Head to your new favorite watering hole.

Austin has a lot of watering holes – literal holes with water in them. The area is dotted with natural springs. Take a dip the way Mother Nature meant in Barton Springs, Deep Eddy Pool, Hippie Hollow, or others. (You can visit that other kind of watering hole for a beer after.)

5. The bats are back.

Okay, okay.... We know this one can get a little old for the native Austin-ites, but the Congress Avenue Bridge is just plain cool! The world’s largest urban bat colony returns to live under the bridge each spring after spending colder months across the border. At sunset, they fling themselves out en masse searching for food. About a million bats blanketing the Austin sky is as sure a sign of spring as April showers and May flowers.

6. Grab a burger that’s Top Notch.

Top Notch is a bona fide legend, and not just for its screen time in “Dazed and Confused.” It’s a real place, and a real time warp, complete with carhops and charcoal hamburgers. You could actually go here during any season, but it’s way better with the car windows rolled down. And there has never been a better place to sport that “Alright Alright Alright” tee.

7. Get festive.

There’s way more to the Austin festival scene than SXSW. Spring means group gatherings galore! Just in the next few weeks, you hit up the Austin Weird Homes Tour, the Kerrville Folk Festival, and Maifest, Austin’s Texas-German Bier Festival.   

8. Walk it off.

Take a walk. Doesn’t matter where. Just wander. The best part of Austin is the people, so mosey around and say hi.

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