Back on the Road: McConaughey and an Airstream Roll into Austin for Pop-Up Shop

Sporting his signature “alright” hat, McConaughey once again rolled into his Texas hometown. For a guy who believes in being at home in the world, it’s pretty fitting that the clothing line inspired by his lifestyle, just keep livin, would be sold out of an Airstream trailer- arguably the best travel companion on wheels. 

On April 17th the trailer doors opened and up popped a shop on the corner of Lavaca and 2nd Streets in downtown Austin. Graphic tees, hats and a mirror were unloaded onto the sidewalk under a canopy of trees. Pedestrians stopped to check out the witty sayings of just keep livin t-shirts, try on the hats, and purchase some McConaughey-inspired apparel. All proceeds from the pop-up shop went directly to the j.k. livin Foundation, which sets up fitness and wellness programs in schools that need them most.

Joining McConaughey was his wife, Camila, his mother, Kay McConaughey, and a group of teens from East Austin College Prep and Reagan High School, two of the 24 high schools where the Foundation’s program is offered. Wearing wide smiles and just keep livin t-shirts, the students helped with the pop-up shop, engaging passersby, ringing up customers, and thanking people for supporting their after-school program. During the event, the students listened to McConaughey talk straight about the importance of developing skills that are transferrable to the workplace, and about having gratitude even in times of struggle. 

Founded by Matthew and Camila McConaughey, the Foundation’s curriculum focuses on fitness, wellness, nutrition and service. Designed to empower teens to make healthy choices and lead active lives, students of the j.k. livin Foundation participate in activities that improve their mind-body connection.

“Break a sweat” is the motto of a just keep livin graphic tee and represents what the Foundation is all about. But we’re not talking only in the weight room or while playing sports. The j.k. livin Foundation encourages teens to “break a sweat” in everyday life, by setting personal goals to reach their dreams. At the pop-up event, McConaughey talked to teens about the Foundation’s quote of the month, which comes straight from his mouth:

“Keep the big picture in mind one step at a time. Dreams aren’t accomplished with one big leap. Many small steps in the right direction achieve dreams. Enjoy the journey. Set your goals to reach your dreams.”

Check out a video from the event:


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