Behind the Scenes at our Zaca Lake Photoshoot

Every photo tells a story, and our photos tell the story of the just keep livin pulse. Made for everyday living, our fabrics, patterns and graphics are easy-going and comfortable, a natural choice for lounging, outings or wherever your journey takes you. As reflected in our photo shoots, just keep livin clothes lend themselves to life in the great outdoors.

When planning a shoot, the visual team creates an inspiration board, then scouts locations, checking for elements that embody just keep livin, like a rocky beach, fire pit or rope swing. The team brings along props to complete the scene, like a guitar, cooler or camping supplies.

We recently held a photo shoot at Zaca Lake, in Santa Maria, California. Nestled among the mountains, the models got to work by hanging out in just keep livin tees, wovens, pants, shorts, and hats. Photographer Diana Zalucky took nearly 2000 photos that day, catching the sunset, a smoky fire, and a flirtatious couple wandering the woods.  

We can’t all be photographers, or models, but we can appreciate a snapshot into mcconaughey’s simple notion of just keep livin.

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