Livin is a verb.

Motivation comes in many forms: Love. Fear. Sheer survival of the species. (A cold beer is probably up on that list somewhere too.) For us it’s always been about finding fresh perspectives. Discovering new ways of looking at the old questions about life.

Whether it’s personal expression(Be Different Not Sorry), or finding the courage to make a major change (Rise and Shine), or just promising to go with the flow and enjoy things a little more (Alright Alright Alright), we’re all looking for new set of eyes that help us see life for what it truly is: a verb.

And why couldn’t it be as simple as a new shirt that fits like an old one; reminding us of all the places we’ve been and still want to go.

Or a swimsuit that gets you thinking about summer and everything that comes with it.

Putting the accumulated wisdom of a lifetime on a T-shirt is tall order. We know that. But part of living has always been looking the part.

And it could all start here.

The just keep livin collection is inspired by all the things that remind us that life is a verb. That while the headaches and worries of the world are of a constant quality, it all comes down to a point of view. What will yours be?

Get movin. It’s time to rise and shine.


Our blogs will be all over the map. Expect insight on fashion, travel, the outdoors, Matthew himself, and a lot more –

LIVIN and GIVIN – News about the just keep livin Foundation and its mission to fund after-school wellness programs for kids.

Rise and Shine – “All the world is a stage.” Which means we need to dress for the performance of our life. It’s time to rise and shine.

Find Your Frequency – We can scan the channels all life long, but we know what tunes our station. Find your lifestyle frequency, we all got one.

Right Place, Right Time – Pictures and stories that put you in those “had to be there” moments at the events we’re excited about.

A Series of Commas – It’s all commas. Matthew’s unique outlook on life reminds us that we’re always in a state of arriving and searching for what’s next.

Work – Get some dirt under you nails with a few DIY ideas.

The Natural Order – The ten best BBQ sandwiches in Austin? The five best dive bars in Detroit? Trails to hike before the sun explodes? We rank the natural order of everything.

At Home in the World – Travel tales from the wide world outside our office walls.

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