Preparing for Camping Season

Wandering America’s natural wonders is a pastime everyone can enjoy. Just remember that preparing for your own journey includes a long checklist of must-haves and, we’d argue, a few crucial leave-behinds. Starting with those modern distractions you complain about but can’t seem to part with. Ditch the smartphones, tablets and laptops for a few days. Cut the cord and bliss out. You won’t regret it. 

Your time camping should be a throwback to simpler living – tent, blanket, blanket of stars. A simple fire to keep you warm and some vintage flannels to help once the smoky perfume of the fire is all that’s left before sleep settles in.

Vintage flannels from just keep livin complement adventure pretty well. Simple and rugged, they let your mind drift back to a time when camping wasn’t about expensive LED flashlights or satellite GPS. With as little evidence of civilization around as you can safely handle, you can connect with the spirit of the wilderness.

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