Roooooaad Trrrriiiip!: 5 Things You Always Forget On A Road Trip.

Your hair’s windblown, you’re jamming to your favorite playlist and you see the green reflective signs clueing you in that your destination is nearing. Yes!

Expecting Siri to come over the speakers with directions, you ignore the exit you think you need. Soon it becomes clear that, no, Siri is not doing her job and you just missed the exit because your phone, of course, is dead. Your girlfriend swears she packed the car charger, but then again, it appears in fact she left it in her car.

The road trip of the summer has arrived. And though you’ve been anxiously awaiting this trip for months, if you’re like a lot of us, you’ll find yourself scrambling at the last minute to pack. You’ll overstuff your luggage, grab a plethora of salty snacks, and hop in raring to go.

While clearly you’ve crammed a lot into you car – including, of course a trusty phone charger for the road -- here’s a handful of things often left behind that you’ll wish you had.

1) Pocket Knife

This little gem contains some vitals. A bottle opener, a corkscrew, and a knife suitable for carving marshmallow sticks, or cutting up apples to share with the driver.

2) Addresses

Don’t take the surprise out of the postcard by texting your friend, “Hey, what’s your address?”

3) Bathing suit

Even if you’re not planning on hitting a waterpark or the beach, a watering hole may crop up along the road and summon you for a dip. Guys, check out just keep livin’s Board Shorts.

4) Pillow

To curl up for some zzz’s while your travel mate drives, and to make stargazing a little more luxurious.

5) Positive Attitude

The fastest way to drive a road trip downhill is to argue endlessly over bathroom breaks, sightseeing spots, and where to eat. Enjoy The Company You Keep. You’re on vacation!

Roll down the windows and turn up the tunes.

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