So You’re Goin on a Hike…

The good vibes you get from a PB&J while on the trail is a distinct type of happiness. You find yourself resting on broken rock, pumping your blood with glucose. You note the poplar trees tinkling like New Year’s Eve confetti, and spot a great blue heron on the lake’s distant edge. You’re far from your desk and there’s an innocent ant crawling across your knee. He wants your jelly drip.

Hiking wakes us up to a different frequency. We get a chance to de-clutter our minds and take an adventure. We stop looking through our window and, instead, become part of the scene. We reconnect with our bodies and remember what it feels like to experience awe. Hiking comes natural to us, but takes a little preparation nonetheless.

Trekking the American wilderness wearing flip-flops and cut offs sounds romantic, but it’s not recommended. It’s humid. It’s woodsy. It’s itchy. Among the transcendental beauty are those annoying blood-sucking skeeters. Wear long pants to save yourself the headache of constantly swatting. Just keep livin makes an awesome pair of Vintage 5-Pocket Pants that will guard you from bites and poison ivy.

In honor of the leave no trace principal, wear our Leave It Like You Found It Graphic Tee. Layer that with a lightweight long sleeve Utility Shirt to take off the morning chill. And don’t forget rule numero uno.… Put something on your feet that won’t make you cringe with every step! If your shoes aren’t broken in before the hike, pick up some moleskin at the drugstore and apply a piece where your shoes rub. For a little more comfort, slip on a just keep livin Trucker Hat, and keep your nose from getting burned.

It’s time to bust outta the grind and get lost in the woods. We’ll be right there with you.

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