Find Your Edge: Sunrise Yoga

When you need more than a double espresso to get moving, choose yoga. It offers the right balance of ease and challenge so you can Rise and Shine.

Start with a gentle child’s pose. From hands and knees, fold at the hip, stretch arms out flat.

Return to hands and knees for cat/cow. Inhale and arch back towards sky. Exhale and drop belly down, making a dip in your back. Repeat.

Move into down dog. From all fours, straighten knees to create a triangle with your body. On the exhale, step feet towards hands for forward fold. Cross arms and let gravity release tension in neck. Swoop arms up, then bring to center. 

From a standing position, take tree pose. Move one foot up opposite leg. Press foot into inside of rooted leg, at calf or thigh. Stretch arms to sky. Hold for a few breaths. Switch sides.  

Return to down dog, then standing fold, then take a seat.

Try a few lion’s breaths. Open your mouth, stick out your tongue, forcefully exhale. Return to normal breathing and speak aloud a short list of gratitude, as done at gratitude circles with the just keep livin Foundation. Ask yourself, this morning, what am I grateful for?

Soon, you’ll be wearing a Sunrise Session tee, and looking forward to the early hours when you can steal a few moments for yourself.

Visual learner? Combine these directions with these pictures of the poses described above.

Child’s Pose –

Downward-Facing Dog –

Tree Pose –

Lion’s Breath –

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