Real Purchasing Power: The Strength Of The just keep livin Foundation

Part of livin is givin back. So every purchase you make at just keep livin spreads back out into the community. It's a philosophy built right in to just keep livin. A part of our core. The pillar holding up our porch.

We’ve talked about the just keep livin Foundation’s mission before, but we wanted to delve into the details.

The just keep livin Foundation provides a health, fitness, wellness and service program to TItle 1 schools in inner cities across the country. Without the program. students might not have the opportunity to learn about the body and mind connection. The Foundation’s program doesn’t just teach workout routines or techniques ­­– it draws on the discipline that fitness teaches to help students learn to stay focused in school and passionate about their goals. It teaches students how healthy eating is good for both the body and the brain, and that it does not have to be expensive to be effective. Most importantly, the program teaches that as a team, the just keep livin Foundation students have a support system.

At the 24 schools that have Foundation programs, the average graduation rate is 61%. The 2,000 j.k. livin students at these schools graduate at a rate of 88%. Eighty-two percent of the just keep livin Foundation’s students improved their grades after joining the program.

You’re making a real difference. The students will tell you themselves. Meet a few in the video below!

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